Happy Birthday My Scorpion girls!!!

Dedicated to Karrent, Komo and Orys who were born on november. Wishing you guys a very great birthday!!!

Birthday Card for Karrent

17 November

Karrent’s favorite

A banana symbolizes a smile

Birthday Card for Orys
22 November
Seven things that Orys likes.

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz

SPOTTED: An interesting website, owned by a the publishing house based in German, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz.
Inspired by the quote,

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”Paolo Coelho


Produces delicate books with highly aesthetic and skillful production.
My Favorites are:
Lars Harmsen | Raban Ruddigkeit [Hrsg.]
Typodarium 2012



Indonesian Students’ Society in Newcastle

THE NEW election for the president of Indonesian Students’ Society in Newcastle is coming! It means the duty of PPI committee 2010-2011 has been completed. One year passed, I gained lots of experiences organizing and performing the Indonesian activities especially relates with Indonesian culture and traditions.
Examples of articles about culture activities 2010-2011:
Traditional Indonesian Costumes Fashion Show in Globemania, Northumbria University
– Indonesian Performance in International Festival of Arts and Music “IFAM
-Come Dine with Me, “Indonesia, Ultimate Diversity”

creating the certificate that is distributed to the member of PPI
-with Millenium bridge background as a symbol of the toon