Happy Valentine!!

Dear my valentine,
I dont need bunch of sweet gifts
I just need you beside me
life a life with you…
your lover, xoxo

My top picklist-design ideas

ONE of my favorite design bookstore is Basheer. I don’t mind spending hours skimming through pages of hundreds books. And I don’t mind to carry home those heavy books-one or two or more if I’m lucky enough to find any reduced books.
These are brilliant ideas which are very inspiring!
‘Basic Promo’ published by Page One.

Christmas card by Uniform.
Hang on this sign to the doors as it is closed for the holidays.

A wedding invitation by El Cuartel.
why you say yes.

A girl swinging by the tree of the social work’s values.
How smart it is.

Wanna play soccer, tennis or rugby?
Let’s throw those notes in your waste basket…

Open up! A sweet heart-shaped lollipop

Time to be thankful

OLAAAAeveryone!!! I’m enjoying capture lots of photos with leme-leme application. Here are some screen captures. The first attempt, the nearest one is my bedroom. I love to keep memories in photos and display on everywhere. Those photos remind me that I have so much in life to be thankful for.
Mirror mirror on the wall, smileee… cause I’ve got a happy life. =D

an artistic glass shelf in my bedroom

‘Law of Attraction’ Board filled with wishes and new resolution