AnnaLou of London

TIME has just gone ahead. Just realized it has been one month working with Anna Lou of London. Take a sneak peak what I have been done so far.

Getting my hands dirty on color 
photoshop editing. 

Developing the brand new identity of Anna Lou, providing graphics for website
Creating layout for guest edit featured by Angela Scanlon, Anna Lou’s Ambassador and also Anna Lou’s online lookbook.

Supporting marketing and social media! Here are the examples:


Feel free to spot #beautifullybritish 


Socialize with Anna Lou in instagram 

Happy working!

How a coffee shall be.

HELLO, just a quick design before going to bed!
Designing typography for a beautiful Arabic proverb which I spotted on shisha bar at Camden Lock.

photograph: Settle Down Cafe, Newcastle upon Tyne

Have a good night everyone!


The metaphor

This session we discuss how typography and objects could be altered to form a metaphor. I am sharing the metaphor grahics which I have done for Kabiri. 

Rocket Jewellery
Creating a spaceship sky dazzled by rocket jewellery. Using the rocket-like jewellery pieces or some part of jewellery which can be combined and arranged.
Sale Banner
Utilizing jewellery to compose typo of ‘mid sale banner’. I have got this idea, inspired by starring at one of sale jewellery; the triangle gold plated earrings that makes me of think of A. Hey, I could make word SALE from them! Let’s digging for more!
So proudly present,
Take also the tour of Kabiri website to see overall design. Here is the sneak peak: