Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Bits & bots from Instagram
ABOVE LEFT: Dirty French Book from Orys with lovely name tag.
ABOVE RIGHT: Black heels door stopper from Andrew! 


BELOW LEFT: Fluffy deer sleeves from me to myself.
BELOW RIGHT: Art and crafts book from Makom with a berry red christmas card. 
So excited with this craft tutorial book!

Oh I love this christmas!

Christmas Eve

Countdown the christmas_I believe you all have plans for christmas eve. Mine is planning to bring some sweets for friends in our christmas dinner. Few days before, I bought some chocolates (dont have time to bake brownies which I was intended to do), wrapped it with tissue papers and tied with cute name tags.
Petite mistletoe at the corner

Christmas with Kabiri

NEARLY CHRISTMAS_This has been a whirlwind of a month full of presents! Kabiri offers their best edit for perfect christmas present hunter. 
Extravagant crystals of DanniJo pieces from star and pear shaped earrings to signature cuff perfect for christmassy look homepage and banner. 
Rock and roll with Kabiri!
Opulent jewellery will make you on the spotlight.

Anna Lou Christmas Gift



Are you ready for christmas?

We welcome December! Everyone is getting ready. Putting magical lights on. Spoiling your eyes with alluring merchandises on display. Browsing christmas gifts. Have fun with a christmas spirit! 

You may think to give something sweet and personal. Bespoke jewellery may be your perfect christmas gift for someone that you love. 



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