Thames City Cruise

Four months a go, we booked the date in April for a Thames city cruise. Hope for nice and warm Summer weather, apparently the sun is still bit shy.

Despite the rain and breeze, it won’t stop us enjoying beautiful scenery.

And get pampered with a glass champagne and canapes, we also enjoy live music on boat.

Go to the upper deck, which allow me to take lots more of beautiful shoot.


So lucky to spot the rainbow!
And sun set!

New Look!

I have been eagerly to share a shiny new look Anna Lou of London website. It looks more sleek and luxury with better interface. Fancy to have a little tour, hop on here >

You might notice a few changes on homepage. We put all attributes on site header, creating some negative space. It is also easier for mobile version. Anna Lou of London logo set on the centre to establish the brand. You might also notice that the layout has slightly changed. We keep the top navigation bar on grey, maximize the area for slide show, replace press area with only a simple and effective as seen in bar, and have three small banner underneath. Moreover, the fonts and colours are more consistent and restricted refer to the brand guidelines. For signature detail, we set up A crown pattern from Anna Lou brand guidelines as a home background.
We wish the customer a convenient experience while shopping online in our website. We wanted the website which easy to navigate without clicking too much or scrolling too far. How you manage your thumbnail page is important for customer’s buying decision. Thumbnail page is a page when people take a quick snap number of items you have. So, you might want to perform best touch to gain people attention. How we did it? Firstly, you might able to see a group picture supported with small colour boxes. You might interested on some items, mouse over the box and you will see the active picture has changed. Click one of your favorite items, it leads you to product description.
We are trying to give alternative images as much as we can. We have a grid of dropdown bar for product description in purpose to avoid too much scrolling on one page.  
We also updated the newsletter template. It follows the basic element from our website. On footer, we are giving more access to social media platforms, such as: twitter, instagram and facebook. Here’s the mock up:
We have a few improvements planned in the near future, so be sure to stay tune!

Hot right now: Anna Lou’s hand-painted scarves

Beautifully handmade in UK and 100% silk

Inspired by iconic British landscape, Anna Lou’s new luxury silk scarves ready to give a statement to your Summer outfit.

Beautifully wrapped with an Anna Lou special box, luxe ribbon and adorable tag.