Sorry you’re leaving

Oh no! One of my best friends is leaving the town for good. We’ve been friends for 3 years, so I am definitely will miss her so much. Saying goodbye never been easy, all we can do is enjoying every moments left. Preparing a memorable card might cheer up the farewell a bit!. A simple personalised handmade card should work better than a sorry you’re leaving card sold in gift & card shop. So, my idea is to create card that resembles our friendship. It’s all about our journey together as a best friend, flatmate, lunatic travelers simply presented on an airport destination board print. We’ve met in Newcastle and became a flatmate, travel across cities in UK-Oxford, Alton Tower, Nottingham, Corsham, Bath, Brighton, farnham and Turkiye. Till we meet again in Jakarta or who knows in UK? so, next destination, London?

destination board


A gift for Paris lover

When it comes to pick the perfect birthday gift for your close friend or family, bespoke gift is the best choice. It shows that you are truly care about them. But with so many possibilities, knowing which gift can make them happy can be bit tricky. I am not an expert of this, but my experience might help you. To start, asking yourself these questions:

Does she/he have hobbies or particular interest?

What things she/he loves?

Combine these two questions will lead you into a brilliant idea what gift to give her/his in special occasion. This is your best shot. For example: she loves traveling and she is a big fan of anything vintage and british. Then, an union jack print on a vintage leather suitcase will surprise her lots!

Wanna win her/his heart? Add something personalised. Many shops sell leather bags that offer to engrave initial of your name or if you can’t find any, you still have a hope. In notonthehighstreet, you could find many options for personalised items from different sellers. This case you might want to order a leather travel tag engraved an initial of your loved one or even a chosen word that memorable for both of you. This absolutely will blow her/his mind!

Speaking of devils, I’ve got my best friend’s birthday coming up. She is paris lover, loves anything about Eiffel Tower and her favorite colour is blue. Last time she gave me name necklace as a farewell gift while I am going to UK. So, when spotted this beautiful initial necklace with eiffel charm. I know it’s perfect gift for her.


personalised bangle/ necklace with eiffel charm from Belle Ami

A gift sorted. How about gift wrapping and a card? I create my own stamp and tag to decorate my gift which she super loves it!

august stamp

This tag is inspired from art deco French style.