A day in Handpicked Media

It’s always fun to work out of office- break a routine, get a new excitement, meet new people, and of course being a part of a cool and fabulous event! This time I report as a documentation crew for Anna Lou of London in Handpicked Media, London Fashion Week.

Forecast said it will be raining all day, but it won’t lower down my spirit. Early in the morning, I head to One Aldwych Hotel in Charing Cross to set up our personalised bespoke display. We’ve spent an hour to arrange two tables with our bespoke collection and new luxe collection. They all are looking shimmering and beautiful!

photo 2

The bloggers will come soon as I am getting ready and dress myself with some Anna Lou jewellery. Today I am wearing ‘LOVE’ luxury tax necklace on top of my navy dress with white collar, add a touch of white from studded wrap leather bracelet and stackable engraved silver ring.

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photo 1

Guests eventually come in, I am busy capturing photos and recording what is going on. Take lots of snapshot cool bloggers. I share a few of my favourites: