I am bloody 25 years old!

Today is my boyfriend 25th birthday! I was planning about present, birthday dinner, cake and don’t forget….greetings card! My idea this time is creating a humour birthday card. Inspired by a simple typography graphic like ‘keep calm and carry on’ poster with solid background, this card is funny and quirky.

I quoted a sentence, something remind us how silly most of the bartenders still ask us the proof ID even we both are 24 and 25 years old! We might look younger than our ages though. That moment, I laughed to him and said, “We might need to show our ID even when we are 30!”

25 years old_cover


sweet x

Wake up in monday morning and found this on my bedroom carpet.

His messy clothes has always annoyed me, but I can’t help smiling for this one! smile-09smile-09smile-09

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His artistic way to apologise-with mix English + Indonesian word.

Love you! downloaddownloaddownload

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