Summer mood


It’s officially British Summer Time today! For someone who live far far away from their family, it’s quite important for me as I have one hour less time difference. For people in UK will agree with me if it means more sun! As the spring begin and summer follows, it’s time for the ultimate beautiful blooms, colour bursts, shorts and bare legs. So get ready for Summery feeling!




Easy Appetizer: Balsamic Bruschetta

My kitchen has been refurbished! Yipeee! I can’t wait to spend time for home cook at the weekend. When trying to find a new recipe, I found a nice website with great recipe collections and impressive interfaces, The pictures are great- very mouthwatering food images and well presented in nice design. My opinion, this is the best food website that I’ve found so far! So, if you are foodies who seeking for a new recipe or need a quick dishes or even prepare for a family dinner tonight, this website is a nice destination!

balsamic bruschetta

balsamic bruschetta recipe

Today I would like to share my pick for an appetizer,  Balsamic Bruschetta. You need a loaf white baguette, french bread is always better! And tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, salt and black pepper.

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Slice the bread and toast in the oven until brown and turn over the other side for the same amount of time.

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Chop the tomatoes into dices

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Chop basil leaves and add into a bowl

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Add parmesan cheese

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Add salt and black pepper into a mixture

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Mix olive oil, pinch of salt, pinch of black pepper and balsamic vinegar for unique taste

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Then layer the mixture on toasted bread and sprinkle more cheese.

It’s ready to serve but I like it to put back in oven for more crunchy. Bon Appétit!

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The little thing that create a big smile

For our 21 months anniversary, I would like to give the little presents to my love. Normally we don’t celebrate monthly anniversary but this time simply because I love the number. Moreover, to give something to someone special doesn’t have to be for only special occasions, does it?

Say it…

We both know our feeling but it is no harm to say it loud or say it with beautiful parisian chic typo.



Print out the printable here

Other materials needed:

– brown paper bag

(I always love the recycling paper so I decide to wrap my present in brown paper bag. It also help to save the world!)

– doilies,

– pattern paper

– string

( If you could create something new with leftover materials, why not?)

Follow me for the steps:



mon amour


1. Cut out the typo tag and heart shape from pattern paper

2. Put your present in paper bag and seal it with doilies

3. Attach ‘mon amour’ tag under the doilies

4. Stick the heart cutout afterwards

5. Tie a bow from string and glue on paper bag at the last