DIY Geometric Painted Cork

I recently picked up a couple of cork coasters at the car boot sales and decided to add a little bit of colours. Inspired by geometric sixties trend, I drew some lines to form some geometrics and finished it with paints and gold foil. Find out more about this simple tutorial.

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Prepare the materials and tools:

-coaster cork

-gold foil

-acrylic paints  & brushes

– matte mod podge

– scotch tape

– silver marker (optional)

– drawing pen, ruler, scissors


Step one: Draw asymmetrical lines with drawing pen


Step two: Measure the gold foil and cut to the shape of triangle


Step three: Place the triangle foil and stick it with the glue


Step four: Paint the coaster

I choose 3 colours; black, red and turquoise. To get the sharp line while applying the paint, I secure the lines with scotch tape.


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Step five: Dab the black paint on, let the first paint dries before applying other coats. For quicker dry time, use the hair dryer.

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Step Six: I draw silver polkadots and stripes with silver marker to add some extra bits.

You can do it in your own way, the design possibilities are endless!

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My new coaster sits nicely there.


A Sunday well spent

I’m all over the cakes and flowers this weekend, those two things are the BEST for the weekend!

As the cooler weather is starting to grow, my Sunday begin with a breakfast at Ottolenghi, Notting Hill.  Their fresh platters of salads and delis and yummy cakes and pastries are my faves. I get myself a cup of coffee and sit on their communal table downstairs. Whilst enjoying my cup of coffee, I can’t resist to take a bite of macadamia caramel cheesecake which makes an instant sugar rush in the morning!






 Sweet tooth x

Then I wander to Battersea Flower Station. At first I came across this hidden gem when I was on my way to Battersea Car Boot Sales. Like some secret gate, this fence which stood next flowers baskets actually leads to a long path to the garden full of floras, exotic plants, herbs, trees and a greenhouse!



 Some flowers galore certainly kept me feeling a little summery.






A perfect place to find either a lovely bouquet or house plants also if you after for seeds, soils, pots or any gardening tools. Not only that, you will also spot a nice collection of natural theme cards, handmade soaps and candles from around UK.