Autumn in Paris

The best way chasing the golden leaves during Autumn is visiting park in Paris. There are several parks worth checking during the falling season such as Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Palais Royal and Parc de Sceaux which is located in suburban outside Paris. The clusters of golden tree at the pathways which are surrounded by falling leaves are simply mesmerising.

It’s probably the most beautiful time of the year, when the nature is turning monochrome in red, mustard, orange tone and the leaves are dancing and marching down. It lasts for couple weeks in Autumn season, so I paid a visit to Jardin au Luxembourg to capture this beautiful scenery. I chose this place as I’ve never been there before and there’s an Indonesian restaurant just a stone’s throw away from the park.

Not just wild tall trees but the park is filled with statues and arranged neatly with flower pots at the border of pavilion near the Medici fountain. This historical monument is rather secluded as it’s covered by trees but you can find it at the end of the pond in the East part of the park.

It’s quiet and relaxing place to take a walk or simply sit to enjoy the view.


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