Baby in Bloom

I actually didn’t have any plan to do a maternity shoot, it just happened my friend who is a photographer was around in the town and it was a beautiful cherry blossom period in Paris, so we went to the park. It was so hard not to take a photograph really…. really hard to resist those pretty blooms.

Luckily, It was a warm and sunny day in Jardin des Plantes. mpromptu shoot but it turned out so lovely! Yasmine did an amazing job-as always! I loved every minute and enjoyed myself surrounded by these pink puffiness. As I’m eight-months pregnant this Spring- my baby bump showed up tremendously. 🙂

Here are some my favourites, hope you enjoy as much as I do! Also check Yasmine’s instagram feed @capture.paris for her remarkable works.


  1. Looking lovely as always! Can’t meet baby girl! Xx

    1. vena-esperanza May 18, 2019 / 12.39 PM

      Thank you loveee!


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