Bride-to-be gift


Well, I am bit overwhelmed with my best friend’s wedding celebration. Hope you are not bored with these continues posts relates with her wedding. I promise this post is the last! My mission here is finding her perfect bride-to-be gift. Throwback at our college moments, her cross necklace has stuck in steer wheel when she was driving. I decided to get a personalised sideway cross necklace engraved with her wedding date.

Still in the same theme, bride-to-be tag and her favourite colour, bright yellow, I am ready to wrap her gift. Remember the lady in silhouette tag from previous post? Print this tag again twice, one for pouch and box.



Canvas pouch with silhouette lady cameo tag

Let’s the wrapping begin! Prepare your tools and materials- cupcake liners, thread, scissors, stapler, cutter and cardboard box.

photo 4 19-28-14

Take some cupcake liners and bunch it together with stapler. Poke a hole through with cutter and thread through the string. Tie the box two times and attach the tag.

photo 1 19-28-07

It’s very easy and indeed it’s beautiful as well.


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