DIY: Bride-to-be Sash

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As I promised earlier, I would like to share an easy and simple way to prepare a bride-to-be sash.  Prepare your craft supplies which are:

• satin fabric (length: 1.5m)

• needle

• threads

• craft pins

• scissors

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1. The first thing to do: iron both sides of the pieces of silk fabric to remove any wrinkles. The dimension of sash will be 12cm x 150cm. Therefore you need to cut your fabric 2 times more of the original width which is 24cm.

2. Turn the fabric inside out and fold the width of fabric. Mark the approximately 1.2 cm seam with craft pins. This guideline is useful to make sure to sew a straight line.

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3. Sew along the length of fabric. Once you finish, turn back out the fabric. Voila! the sash is ready.

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4. Now for the text! Print out the letters ‘bride-to-be’ in uppercase and bold. Choose reverse colour from the fabric. There are several methods to print the letters:

– Letters from papers (need colour paper and super glue)

Print the outline of letters on normal colour paper or metallic colour paper. Cut out the outline and attach the letters to fabric with super glue. Let the super glue dry for a while before try it on.

– Paint the letters (need paint and brush)

Print the bride-to-be letters on normal paper. Cut out the inside of the letters. Now you have got a cut out template. Fill those in with paint. Leave the paint dry later.

– Iron the letters (need iron paper for fabric and iron)

Print the bride-to-be reverse letters on iron paper. Place the first word, ‘bride’ backward on the fabric. Iron the letters until it sticks on, repeat the same way for ‘to’ and ‘be’.

Your bride-to-be sash is ready to wear! Wrap it with nice box, ribbon and personalised tag to make it more special.


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