Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas is just a few weeks away. Have you done with your Christmas shopping? I’m nearly there just ticking off a couple more presents off my shopping list. We all have a stack of presents ready to wrap. I like to get this done as early as possible, just because I love to put them together and display them out- next to the chimney or stacking under the Christmas tree. Who doesn’t love all beautifully packaged presents at home? It stays there nicely until the day of Christmas. Read more


Welcome baby gift basket

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone special. That’s the reason I like to gather my own curated gifts and wrap up in pretty packaging. Just to think about that moment when the recipient receives the gifts especially made for them adding more value to the process itself. I really love gift giving. I love picking up those little things and turning into a thoughtful gift basket. This time, I gather up some cute baby needs to create a welcome gift basket for newborn baby.

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Wrap it Up: Christmas Presents


Countdown to the best time of the year, Christmas! I’m home this Christmas so I’ve prepared presents for my family with cute wrapping and placed them under the tree. If you leave everything till the last minute (just like me!) but wanna having something quite impressive, these holiday wrapping ideas are simple enough that you’ll be able to bash them out – so chop chop!

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DIY: Decorating Kraft Favor Bags

It’s holiday season again! And it’s my favourite time of the year but indeed it’s the busiest month. As you know, wrapping presents is the essential point on my holiday to-do-list. I like decorating my own gift wrapping and presenting them in such unique and special way. I will talk later on another post how I wrap my festive gifts this Christmas but today I like to share this DIY Kraft Favor Bags. They are perfect for wrapping a small present such as Christmas chocolates & candies for children, cookies or minced pie for your neighbour and even as a party bag for your festive dinner. Below are three easy and fun ways to decorate your kraft favor bags. Simply get the kraft bags from local craft shop, let’s wrap it up!

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DIY: Graduation Awards

Looking for graduation gift inspirations? If someone close to you is graduating this year, spoil them with these handmade graduation awards. Surprise them with a little award that saying all the best wishes to congratulate them. They can be customised with their favourite colours and their name to add more personal value.  This medallion is perfect as a gift topper or upsize to the larger size for a party backdrop of their graduation dinner. Just stick them on the wall in different colours, motifs and sayings, so much fun!

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