DIY Holiday Gift Basket

The holiday season has started and that means gifting planning! Christmas isn’t that far anymore and you have a full list upcoming dinner invitations, a family lunch, Christmas feast with colleagues or girlfriends, or invitations from neighbours at their houses and you always ask yourself what to bring as a gift. A good bottle of wine always works but it might seem too generic…? Come on, you want to bring up the festive mood in the party! I came up with this holiday gift basket that is easy to create and filled with festive goodies that everyone love. The thoughtful gift that doesn’t cost a fortune because you can make it your own!

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Welcome Baby Gifts Ideas

I love creating a gift basket to welcome the newborn baby because I’ve got a chance to hand pick those tiny cuties and wrap it up beautifully in a small basket or crate. I normally work according gender or specific themes to decide the colour tone of the overall design. It’s one of the kind and personal to each individual because I custom design each piece to make sure delivering the best and thoughtful experience to each recipient. From the simple pink or blue to themed gift baskets, here are Welcome Baby Gifts Ideas to create a lasting impression!

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Bridesmaid Proposal: Will you be my bridesmaid?

Whilst my wedding preparations are still blurry, one thing for sure is picking my bridesmaids. For sure I want them to be my side on my big day because they always have my back! My ladies who have seen it all and stuck by my side through thick and thin, so I want this to be special. This proposal with a basket filled with thoughtful hand-picked items will say it all. Head this way to see how I created these curated gifts and asked them to stand next to me on my wedding day in France.

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Nautical Welcome Baby Gift

When it comes to gifting, I always put so much care and attention in details through each and every gift. Because nothing beats a big smile coming from the recipient. A thoughtful gift is my forte, so let me say… a custom gift is my perfect gift idea. How wonderful to receive- a curated gift basket, beautifully packaged and tied with personalised touch? In addition, I like to have the specific theme so everything matches up perfectly. For example: nautical is such a popular and cute theme to celebrate newborn baby boy. Check out how I package up this nautical welcome baby gift for my friend.

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Welcome baby gift basket

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone special. That’s the reason I like to gather my own curated gifts and wrap up in pretty packaging. Just to think about that moment when the recipient receives the gifts especially made for them adding more value to the process itself. I really love gift giving. I love picking up those little things and turning into a thoughtful gift basket. This time, I gather up some cute baby needs to create a welcome gift basket for newborn baby.

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