DIY Dachshund Mug


I love stencil and always dreaming to have a Silhouette Portrait (yes it’s on my wishlist). Meanwhile, let’s be creative to create DIY dachshund mug stencil from sticker label or transfer paper. If you don’t have either one of those, you can print out the template on a normal photo paper (this can be tricky!) as you need to make sure every corner attach to the mug. Use scotch tape so it’s easily been removed without leaving any mark.

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DIY hand-stamp napkins

Since I got this lovely rubber stamp set last Christmas from my boyfriend’s brother, I was wondering the time to create something with those stamps. This is might be the moment. There is about the time when I feel I need more napkins while eating outside or having picnic become more desirable activity this Spring. Hey yaa wouldn’t it be good to DIY your own napkins? Love the idea of hand stamping and creating patterns with a beautiful handmade feel. The customised DIY hand-stamp napkins are easy and inexpensive, yet gorgeous!

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DIY: ‘Bonne Nuit’ Canvas Light

Sleep tight with this ‘Bonne Nuit’ Wall Light, a fun alternative to light your night time. A canvas light that hangs on your bedroom wall. It’s lovely art decorations during daytime and get a beautiful luminescence when you switch on the LED light that hide behind the canvas.

What you need:

– small canvas

– acrylic paint: dark blue and white

– brush and x-acto knife

– LED small round light (I get it from poundland)

– scotch tape


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Since I wanted the canvas to look like a magnificent of night sky, I started by painting the background a dark blue using a big flat brush. Next, trace the typography and cut the letters to form a stencil template. Place the paper on the centre of canvas with scotch tape so it won’t leave any mark.

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Ready for the second layer- fill the letters with white acrylics to get the full contrast. Add a bit grunge by pressing the brush against the canvas.

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Attach the LED light on the wall and cover it with your bonne nuit canvas. Lights that on under your roof! I wish you free from nightmare.



DIY Geometric Painted Cork

I recently picked up a couple of cork coasters at the car boot sales and decided to add a little bit of colours. Inspired by geometric sixties trend, I drew some lines to form some geometrics and finished it with paints and gold foil. Find out more about this simple tutorial.

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Prepare the materials and tools:

-coaster cork

-gold foil

-acrylic paints  & brushes

– matte mod podge

– scotch tape

– silver marker (optional)

– drawing pen, ruler, scissors


Step one: Draw asymmetrical lines with drawing pen


Step two: Measure the gold foil and cut to the shape of triangle


Step three: Place the triangle foil and stick it with the glue


Step four: Paint the coaster

I choose 3 colours; black, red and turquoise. To get the sharp line while applying the paint, I secure the lines with scotch tape.


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Step five: Dab the black paint on, let the first paint dries before applying other coats. For quicker dry time, use the hair dryer.

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Step Six: I draw silver polkadots and stripes with silver marker to add some extra bits.

You can do it in your own way, the design possibilities are endless!

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My new coaster sits nicely there.


Raclette & Our Hot Stuff Cork Mat


I bought a raclette grill for our anniversary gift and we can’t wait to use it. So, tonight will be a raclette night. It’s perfect time to eat something warm as now the weather is getting cooler in September. The first time I’ve tasted raclette was on last christmas dinner with my boyfriend’s family in Paris. You might remember this blog post. If you are not in mood for a homemade cook, you can find raclette menu in Androet, East London or even just to buy good cheeses. As we are in England, we are trying to find something similar for the nibbles.


 Fill your board with a collection of cheeses, ham, salami, bacon, vegetables (pickles and pepper: optional).

Then boil potatoes and warm your raclette grill. You can add on butter for your potatoes as you prefer. Once the grill is warm enough, melt your cheese and grill the bacon as well. Take your cheese raclette off and pour onto your selection of meats and potatoes.

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When enjoying your meals, you might want to take a break from heating your cheese. Lay on your raclette on this witty cork mat. Make your own personal words and stencil onto the cork mat. The steps are very easy!

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 a nice compliment for your kitchen appliances.


To make this DIY, you will need:

• round cork mat (can buy it from IKEA)

• letter stencil tool

• black marker/ acrylic paint

Now, let’s begin!

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1. Press firmly the stencil tool and trace the word start from the outline and fill it after.

Tips: Before you start to mark your paint, measure the layout of the entire words to be on centre. You can mark the line with scotch tape.

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2. Do each letter with the same kerning (the space between the character).

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3. Repeat until all words is filled. Now you can use it for all your hot stuffs!

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