Parisian Bridal Shower

What a lovely month to cherish love! I met this adorable couple from the french course I was joining up a couple months ago. Anggi is Indonesian and Julian is french. They are super fun, sweet and such a lovely couple who were officially engaged. To celebrate their love, we planned to surprise them with this Parisian bridal shower before their wedding. I had a lot of fun designing the bridal shower details and decorating the venue. Thanks a lot to Yasmine for her stunning photos! She was very talented in capturing some beautiful details of the day.

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Tropical Bridal Shower

Aloha! Inspired by island vibes and tropical getaway, we hosted this bright, fun and colourful bridal shower for Jessica. Living in the tropics which gives us the perfect advantages of sourcing the natural materials from the surroundings. Featuring gorgeous decorations from pineapple, coconut, hibiscus, flamingo, palm, banana leaf elements to pull out this party. Thanks to Dina who took marvellous pictures during the day. I’d love to share some of the details from this bridal shower inspiration!

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Elisa’s Bridal Shower: Back to School

I always keen working on bridal shower project. Designing, decorating and stylising are such fun and creative processes which I enjoy the most! I’m loving the opportunity working with different clients, exploring new ideas & custom themes and getting my hands dirty on every detail. This back to school bridal shower is probably one of my favourite ones so far! Something about this pastel back to school themed party and cute school supplies which are too adorable to resist!

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Bright Floral & Tropical Invite & Bridal Shower Stationery


I just can’t wait to organise this fun bridal shower lunch for Jessica with the girls this week. Remember the fuchsia bridesmaid and attire guide card I’ve shared previously? I teamed up those floral arrangements and added some tropical leaves to create bright and colourful floral & tropical invite and party stationery. The bridal shower is still in preparation but I can share those little perks now. Here is the sneak peek, I’m more than ready!

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Cheren’s Bridal Shower


One of my favourite things to arrange- a bridal shower party! The girls decided to throw an Oriental themed party for Cheren, the bride to be who will get married this week. Bring out the glam of traditional Chinese traditions into some party details, from table arrangement, bridal accessories and dessert table. I’m sharing this Oriental inspired bridal shower party, check it out!

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