Librarie Acqua Alta, Venice

I love to hunt for some quirky places around the world so when I had a short trip to Venice last week, I made sure to visit this extraordinary bookstore Located near Piazza San Giovanni, Librarie Acqua Alta sells and displays new and second hand books- piled up inside gondolas, boats and bathtubs! Head this way to take a peek inside this eccentric and quirky bookstore.Read more


Derrière Restaurant Part 2

I’ve managed to visit Derrière Restaurant again and finally discovered the ‘hidden’ part of this quirky restaurant. For those who were familiar with my previous post on Derrière Restaurant part 1 which was focused on the ground floor. This time, I report back my investigation on the first floor and share with you guys my ‘findings’. Firstly, this post might contain some spoilers so for those who are planning to visit this restaurant soon, pardonne-moi for ruining your curiosity… I warned you already…huh?

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Paris Recomendations

Because I had so many questions regarding the best places to visit in Paris,  I decided to write this post for you who are looking for an inspiration for things to do/visit in Paris. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I’ve been ticking off a few places on my travel list and I would like to share my faves with you here. If you’re curious about those cute places on my Instagram feed or planning a trip to this romantic city- these recommendations might be handy to you.

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Rue Crémieux

Oh pretty colourful houses- I always smitten with you! The line of pastel houses, darling walls and doors and typical Parisian cobbled street are definitely too cute to resist. So, let us say…Rue Cremieux is probably the most instagrammable street in Paris, don’t you agree? A stone’s throw away from Bastille Station and the famous Bastille Opera, here is the eye candy small street. If London has Notting Hill for its coloured house lined street- then you find one here in Paris… so no wonder this charming place becomes the most wanted place for photographers, bloggers and tourists.

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Summertime in Bali

This was the first time Victor visited my hometown, Indonesia and I was trying to beat his surprise on our French Riviera road trip previously (see the post) by bringing him to our paradise, Bali. It was a successful mission, at the end of our trip he said this was the best trip we’ve ever had. I am totally pleased! This burst of excitement also got into me as it was ages ago when I visited Bali- most probably during my school field trip. So pardon me if I acted like a tourist and freaked out every-time I saw the infinity pools.

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