Valentine Popcorn Box Printable


What are you up to this Valentine? If you prefer to stay home and have a cosy romantic night together, perhaps a movie marathon with your partner sounds good? Bring over some popcorn, yes! Because it’s Valentine you and him deserve a special treat. Enjoy your favourite movie snacks in these adorable popcorn boxes. These Valentine Popcorn Boxes would make your movie night even sweeter! Give a little twist with ‘You Always Make My Heart Pop’ tag, for sure it would make him smile! It’s easy and simple DIY and could be done last minute, perfect for a Valentine treat.

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DIY Anniversary Gift


Who says creating DIY for your anniversary gift is time consuming and intricate? This ultimate anniversary gift package is easy and quick to make, but it will definitely blow your partner’s mind!

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DIY: Stitched Hearts Globe Card

A while a go I came across a nice handmade Valentine card from one of my inspiration blogs, Dandee. I swoon the hearts stitched together project and wonder if I could make one someday! The day has came when I need to make my boyfriend’s birthday card, I thought a cute and romantic handmade card will be perfect for him. My boyfriend loves globe and map so my idea is stitching the hearts onto a print out of world map. Follow me how to create quick and easy this DIY tutorial!

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Print the template here:



To begin the DIY project, you need to print the artwork above and prepare red embroidery , needle, and scissors.


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Cut the long embroidery approx 60 cm. You might not need that long but it is better to have it more instead of running out the embroidery in the middle of stitching.


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The stitching process starts with poking the dots so while you are at the back of the card you are still able to see the holes. Stitch the paper by creating x and repeat until you fill both hearts.




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To tidy up the back of the card, I attach the same size plain card with glue. Now you can fold the card and show up your finished hearts! Don’t forget to write on your love message inside the card!

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The little thing that create a big smile

For our 21 months anniversary, I would like to give the little presents to my love. Normally we don’t celebrate monthly anniversary but this time simply because I love the number. Moreover, to give something to someone special doesn’t have to be for only special occasions, does it?

Say it…

We both know our feeling but it is no harm to say it loud or say it with beautiful parisian chic typo.



Print out the printable here

Other materials needed:

– brown paper bag

(I always love the recycling paper so I decide to wrap my present in brown paper bag. It also help to save the world!)

– doilies,

– pattern paper

– string

( If you could create something new with leftover materials, why not?)

Follow me for the steps:



mon amour


1. Cut out the typo tag and heart shape from pattern paper

2. Put your present in paper bag and seal it with doilies

3. Attach ‘mon amour’ tag under the doilies

4. Stick the heart cutout afterwards

5. Tie a bow from string and glue on paper bag at the last