Colour Crush: Neutrals & Copper

After months hunting down a couch through internet and showroom, we finally have a couch! Who knows finding a perfect couch can be dragging on for so long ?! Finally this couch meets our criteria and we are pretty pleased about it. It’s grey, good material, convertible, comfy and spacious enough for four people. The touches of grey and copper metallic accents are the perfect colour combination against a white background. These neutrals with a pop of copper would enhance the minimalist decor. I also incorporated flowers or some greeny to liven the space. The use of organic materials such as our wooded coffee tables also highlighted the rustic vibe. Pair up the muted colours to create harmony with some textures through a Moroccan ottoman and white faux sheepskin rug.  Style up with a bit of details through monochromatic stackable books and geometric coaster, candle & boxes.


For the details of products seen above:

Copper wire basket- H&M

Faux Sheepskin Rug- IKEA

Candle- Maisons du Monde

Rose Gold Stripy Coaster- DIY

Grey Couch- Conforama


Here’s also my wish list of copper products I am currently crushing:

1. Hanging Diamond Copper- Fleux

2. Copper Tube Clock- Fleux

3. Brew Tray- Tom Dixon

4. Copper Coloured Twin Tone Metal Lamp- Maisons du Monde

5. Scented Candle Fragrance- H&M

6. Scented Candle in Metal Tin- Maisons du Monde

7. Copper Glace Globe- Maisons du Monde



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