Come Dine with Me_Indonesia, Ultimate in Diversity

Passion + Opportunity= Action
EVERYTHING starts from small step. Passion in dancing leads me taking part in Indonesian dance & music performances that were held in Newcastle. As an active performer and committee, I’m always keen to introduce Indonesian culture and heritage. We have been invited to participate in events held by Northumbria Uni, Newcastle Uni, Northern Gamelans in Gateshead, London Embassy and other cities in United Kingdom. Moreover, we’ve got the chance to host our own event as a part of Culture Challenge Project Come Dine with Me.
I’ve recruited to lead the creative team producing the marketing tools to promote the event, such as: the poster, flyer, ticket and merchandises.The concept is inviting people to take adventure in the journey to taste and feel the uniqueness of Indonesian cuisine,dances and music instruments.
Exploring the uniqueness of Indonesia that are illustrated by the examples of Indonesian cultural elements and traditions, such as: wayang (puppets), Monas (National Monument), Angklung (traditional instruments), etc.

Entrance Ticket
The clothes shaped raffle ticket consists of two parts.
The upper part can be kept by visitor as a gift.
Lower part is draw for prizes.


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