Derrière Restaurant Part 2

I’ve managed to visit Derrière Restaurant again and finally discovered the ‘hidden’ part of this quirky restaurant. For those who were familiar with my previous post on Derrière Restaurant part 1 which was focused on the ground floor. This time, I report back my investigation on the first floor and share with you guys my ‘findings’. Firstly, this post might contain some spoilers so for those who are planning to visit this restaurant soon, pardonne-moi for ruining your curiosity… I warned you already…huh?

This eccentric and quirky restaurant with retro interior, cluttered furnitures and ‘homey’ atmosphere which creates the feeling of you dine at somebody’s home. Forget the pretty organised tables in a normal restaurant, at here none of them are identical. Downstairs, your seating place varies from workspace, living room, kitchen table, mismatched coffee table with a giant red couch with a ping-pong table across the room.

Then move to upstairs to discover this bathtub sink in the bathroom and the secret lounge behind the wardrobe. This ‘Narnia’ experience is the main highlight of this restaurant. At the end of the corridor next to the bathrooms, here’s the closet to the hidden room. It seems like an old mirrored wardrobe but open the door and push the inside to discover the entrance… Voila!

I got the vibes of Bates Motel going on around this room with bric-a-brac items from the flea market, large antique mirrors, old wallpaper, unsymmetrical shelf with messy books, upside down Victorian chairs and stuffed animals everywhere. A bit creepy but cool.


There is another dining section upstairs: the choice of dinner on the large table with mirror cabinet at the side, perfect for private group or around the bed perhaps? I guess someone can take a nap after the full meal. Haha…



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