DIY Anniversary Gift


Who says creating DIY for your anniversary gift is time consuming and intricate? This ultimate anniversary gift package is easy and quick to make, but it will definitely blow your partner’s mind!

You will make his day by giving a set of je t’aime card and mini flower bouquet. It’s completely adorable anniversary gift!



– flowers arrangement

– Je t’aime mon coeur pour tojours printable card

– ribbon

– scissors and double sided tape

How to make the mini bouquet

Print the typo on white paper or craft paper. Cut the artwork into a square and cut diagonally the bottom part (as shown on the picture). Next, add the double sided tape at one of diagonal side. Fold the the paper to form a diamond shape.

Fill the flowers to create bouquet. Then, tie around with the ribbon.

Wrap your present, add the mini bouquet and card. Voila!

PS: I gave Victor these cute package along with his present to celebrate our three years anniversary. This DIY is also perfect several occasions for Valentine gifts, Birthday gifts to your special one or simply just express your feeling!


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