DIY Christmas Acrylic Baubles

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the essential traditions that we are looking forward to every holiday season. Whether you do this as a fun activity with your kids and family or simply to decorate your home with festive spirit, there are so many ways to bring this magical tree alive. If you’re feeling crafty and you want to have something special rather than your old stocks of festive ornaments, your own made Christmas baubles are so much better than buying new ones. Turn this clear plastic ball from a craft shop into a perfect Christmas bauble, you can fill it with any decorations you’d love. Here are 4 ways how to style them up.

Festive Woodland

What I love about this idea is that you can easily get the material from your garden. Pick up some berry twigs, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, a branch of pine tree or eucalyptus or any winter leaves would work perfectly. Clip them together with a wooden peg and add a handwriting season greetings tag for the finishing touch. You can write something personal too. To add volume, fill the bauble with some artificial snow flakes or cottons and hang on the tree with maroon silk ribbons.

Glitter & Sparkle

This idea is perfect your glam and magical Christmas tree theme adorned with classic silver or gold ribbons & ornaments. Alternate with this personalised acrylic bauble filled with glitters or sparkle confetti to make it stand out from the rest. Customise it with your handwriting using a marker on the surface of the acrylic ball. Fill the components, close and tie it up using matching ribbons.

Magical Fairy Lights

I love this simple and modern style of bauble. Using a mini wire light inside a clear bauble. Hide the battery socket with some artificial snow cotton. Turn on the light and hang on the tree, this self sourced magical bauble will look wonderful at the night.

Wonderland Snow Globe

This cute idea of creating a snow globe using a clear ball is my favourite. Fill this acrylic ball with a miniature Christmas tree, snowman, holiday presents, reindeer or any festive figurines- the choice is yours so get creative. I found a mini car and used it to hold a Christmas tree on the roof. Put it inside, add fake snow powder and tie it up with Christmas twine.


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