DIY Christmas Packaging

It’s the time of the year again! Let’s share the joy of the holiday spirit with the gift gifting tradition. When you’ve spent time to choose the right gift for your loved one, it’s only fair that you also pay a good attention to the packaging. Create a beautiful festive packaging¬†with some simple materials that are easy to get. Head this way for an easy and fun do it yourself Christmas packaging.

Last year I made my own gift wrapping paper by writing a holiday message on a piece of paper and wrap it up. It turned out people love it so much so I decided to use the same trick to stylise my holiday present this year. Check out my previous gift wrapping ideas here. This time, I apply the writing directly on the box. You simply need to buy a corrugated kraft box. Find the size of the box that fits perfectly your gift.

Other tools are brush pen, watercolour paint, ribbons, and scissors.

I use a white watercolour paint and write a message across the flat box diagonally. The reason why I chose the corrugated box so I can write easily on a flat surface. If you have a white box, team up with black or gold paint and white or silver paint on a black/ dark box would look good too.

After it dries, build up your box and start filling your gift inside the box. Tie them up with ribbons and a tag. For the finishing touch, add a little foliage and christmassy bits like berry, cinnamon or pinecone from your garden. And it’s a wrap!


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