DIY Confetti Cones


Spring is in full swing this month, so I guess it’s probably the most perfect time for the wedding season. Planning your dream wedding reception with full of attention into every detail could drain your energy and your pockets! Find a clever way to DIY which will cut down unnecessary expenses from your budget. DIY will be the great money-saving solution. One of the ideas is making your own confetti cones and filling them with rose petals, dried flowers, sprinkles, or anything you’d like!  You don’t need to be a craft expert to do this, making confetti cones is simple and quick!

Material: petals or confetti

paper (can also use dollies)

wicker hamper/ basket, industrial bucket

wooden circle or wooden sign

Chalk or marker

strings (optional)

How to prepare:

1. Create cones from papers and glue the edge

2. Fill them with petals (mine are blush pink and white roses)

and place neatly in the basket/bucket


3. Mark the confetti sign and attach on the basket/bucket



The guests will collect confetti cones from reception table or you can also hang them on the chair. Save time from delivering confetti to the guests.


It’s a fun time! Hold the confetti cones and throw them at the end of the ceremony!

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Sssssttt….you can also create a beautiful typo with the spray on your getaway, not conventional ‘just married’ sign, huh? 😉


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