DIY Copper Coat Hanger

My Pinterest wish list was just being overwhelmed by my current colour obsession, copper! This rose gold metallic hue is great to add some accents into your minimalist interior. It looks stylish and adds the feel of luxe in your home. Combine copper with neutral colours and natural materials to create the perfect colour palette.

Here are the things I’ve been swooning over on Pinterest. See the full list on my Pinterest board.

Left to right:

Rose Gold Terrarium

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Copper Kettle

Wire basket

Collecting copper items could be a big job to accomplish. If you’re on a tight budget, try to makeover things you already got with simple DIY trick. It also could be a fun project for your spare time.

I bought this coat hanger long time ago when we desperately needed one in our London flat. It was a metal hanger with colourful balls from Tiger. Now I feel the urge to do a little makeover, I decided to paint it over.

Materials: coat hanger, paint brush, copper metallic paint, Scotch tape

How to do:

1. Cover the metal part with Scotch tape as shown below, so you won’t overdo the paint over the metal.

2. Dip your brush and start painting the ball. Apply the coat with vertical direction, up and down and repeat until all area is covered. Turn the coat hanger upside down and cover the rest.

3. Let it dries for a while. Apply the second coat. You might need another coat if the original colour still see through.

4. Remove the protection tape.


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