DIY Dachshund Mug


I love stencil and always dreaming to have a Silhouette Portrait (yes it’s on my wishlist). Meanwhile, let’s be creative to create DIY dachshund mug stencil from sticker label or transfer paper. If you don’t have either one of those, you can print out the template on a normal photo paper (this can be tricky!) as you need to make sure every corner attach to the mug. Use scotch tape so it’s easily been removed without leaving any mark.

Supplies you will need:

– a ceramic white mug

– black acrylic paint for ceramic, porcelain, etc

– dauber and thin brush

– scotch tape and x-acto knife


If you are a dog lover, print out your favourite dog! Or you can have another animal, quotes or anything you’d preferred on a piece of paper. Measure the desired size against your mug. Cut the graphic with x-acto knife on a cutting mat. If you’re using the sticker, remove the paper and you should be left with the mailing label stencil with the cut out of it. Peel it off and apply it to your mug. Alternatively, as I said earlier you can use normal paper, just stick the stencil paper with scotch tape all around.


Use the dauber to apply the coat. The bigger dauber helps to minimise the excessive paint under the stencil edges.


Just need to apply one good coat and remove the stencil immediately while the paint still wet.


I am pretty much happy with the result. Use a small thin brush to shape the neat rim. To have a more sentimental element of personalisation, add a handwritten name on the handle or even at the bottom of the mug (hidden surprise!) Leave the paint to dry 24 hours based on the paint instructions then bake for 305 F for 35 minutes. Enjoy your hot chocolate in your new mug accompanied with marshmallow and butter biscuits. Yummy!




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