DIY Easter Bunny Treat Box

Easter is just around the corner! Here we are celebrating the bunny season. Remember when we were a kid, we loved hunting down and collecting eggs in the basket as well as crafting beautiful Easter bonnets? Every year we are expecting Easter to come when the house is full of Easter eggs, bunny chocolates and candies! We always find the perfect excuse to enjoy some sweets, don’t we?

These Easter bunny treat boxes are so adorable, perfect for dressing up some treats. If you are hosting a party, these boxes will be the perfect favor gifts, simply stack them up in the basket and add some fresh flowers from the garden. The DIY tutorial is simple and easy, perfect for last minute treats or a fun Easter activity to spend with kids.

Bunny Treat Box with pom poms

This small-sized treat box is perfect for your little ones as you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much sugar.


white thick paper/ card, cutter, ruler, bone folder, double tape/ glue, pom poms

How to make

Download and print out the template Easter Treat Box on A4 size thick paper. You will make 7 cm square box out of it. If you prefer something bigger, print on the larger size card. Cut the outline and start to build the box. Using bone folder, score and fold all of the dash lines on the guideline. Attach the flap with glue/ double tape. At the end, add the pom poms and fill the box with your favourite sweets.


Bunny Ears Gift

If you have a plain white box, that will be perfect for this DIY, but no worries if you don’t have any, simply just use a used box to package your gift and wrap them up with white wrapping paper.


box, scissors, marker, ribbon, glue, wrapping paper (optional)

How to make 

Prepare your box, fill with sweets or little gift. Cut out the set of bunny ears from the template earlier. Attach them at the top of the box. Write down ‘Happy Easter’ on the front side of the box. Cover the bunny ears part which attached on the box with ribbon.


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