DIY Festive Wrapping Ideas

Every year I love finding new ways to stylise my holiday presents. I thought this time it would be so much fun to make my own gift wrap. This means you have full creativity for something that’s entirely up to you. Thinking of creative ways to nail my festive wrapping and getting all craft supplies are all lined up ahead.  Make sure stocking some plain paper rolls like a simple brown paper which can be easily turned into a beautiful gift. I wanted the gifts to be personal and unique, so every one of them is wrapped and styled differently.

Here are some festive gift wrap ideas and simple steps to achieve the look. Click here to check out my previous gift wrap ideas and also this sparkling and metallic gift wrap style for more inspiration. I still like that fancy feel of black and metallic elements but this time I tweaked a bit and opted for my favourite rose gold tone-copper!

First thing, prepping all wrapping paper with these methods:

Polkadots Pattern

You will need: pencil with eraser, copper paint, black wrap paper

How to make:

Coat the eraser with paint and stamp on the paper. Press firmly and hold it for a couple seconds for best result. It’s very easy yet the result is stunning!


Glitters tag & copper foil paper

You will need: copper foil paper, special glue for glitters, glitters powder, sealer spray, plain gift tag, black watercolour paint, waterbrush

How to make the glittery gift tag:

Coat the surface with glue. Add some sparkle by pouring the glitters at the bottom part. Spray with the sealer and let it dries.

Use copper foil wrapping paper to match up, it’ll look fabulous together.


Simple white writing on black paper

You will need: black paper, waterbrush, white paint

How to make: 

Use the black wrapping paper to wrap your present. Write something Christmassy at the top. If you like ‘chalkboard’ style, you can replace this white paint with chalk pen or marker.


If you prefer more rustic and natural style, you definitely love these looks:

Handwritten Wishes

Write your own holiday wishes across the paper and use it as a wrapping paper.

You will need: white paper, black paint, waterbrush

How to make:

Start writing your message across the paper. You can draw some light diagonal lines across the paper for guidance. After the lettering completely dries up, wrap your present. It would be fun to watch them discover the whole message while opening the present (just make sure they open the gift carefully haha…)


Christmas Ornaments 

I know it would save so much time if I’d just buy a lovely festive rolls from the shops, but the good thing about making your own paper that you can add something personal. I added some baubles spelling out the recipient’s name.

You will need: kraft brown paper, white paint, waterbrush

How to make:

Draw some Christmas ornaments you like across the paper. It doesn’t need to be too complicated. I used white paint and waterbrush to alternate between Christmas baubles and trees. Perfect for larger parcel because you can see the motifs and details clearly.


Next thing you’ll need is some ribbons, jute, twine and greenery to accessorise your presents. If you’re looking for some holiday gift tags, check this post for more simple last minute gift wrap inspiration. So there you are, look how they’ve turned out:

How’s your wrapping coming along?



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