DIY Geometric Painted Cork

I recently picked up a couple of cork coasters at the car boot sales and decided to add a little bit of colours. Inspired by geometric sixties trend, I drew some lines to form some geometrics and finished it with paints and gold foil. Find out more about this simple tutorial.

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Prepare the materials and tools:

-coaster cork

-gold foil

-acrylic paints  & brushes

– matte mod podge

– scotch tape

– silver marker (optional)

– drawing pen, ruler, scissors


Step one: Draw asymmetrical lines with drawing pen


Step two: Measure the gold foil and cut to the shape of triangle


Step three: Place the triangle foil and stick it with the glue


Step four: Paint the coaster

I choose 3 colours; black, red and turquoise. To get the sharp line while applying the paint, I secure the lines with scotch tape.


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Step five: Dab the black paint on, let the first paint dries before applying other coats. For quicker dry time, use the hair dryer.

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Step Six: I draw silver polkadots and stripes with silver marker to add some extra bits.

You can do it in your own way, the design possibilities are endless!

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My new coaster sits nicely there.


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