DIY hand-stamp napkins

Since I got this lovely rubber stamp set last Christmas from my boyfriend’s brother, I was wondering the time to create something with those stamps. This is might be the moment. There is about the time when I feel I need more napkins while eating outside or having picnic become more desirable activity this Spring. Hey yaa wouldn’t it be good to DIY your own napkins? Love the idea of hand stamping and creating patterns with a beautiful handmade feel. The customised DIY hand-stamp napkins are easy and inexpensive, yet gorgeous!

I lay the rubber stamps out of the box. I am smitten with these cute London iconic rubber stamps, they will definitely create a lovely repeating pattern design .

Prepare the materials:

– rubber stamps set (including ink)

– cotton cloth (cut into 26 cm x 26 cm)

– fabric glue

Let’s get started!

1. First, iron the cloth if there are any wrinkles. I hate frayed edges, so I glue the side, top and bottom of the fabric. Make sure every corner are well-attached. Alternatively, you can sew the edges for the best result.

2. Place the rubber stamps on the fabric. This helps you imagine the pattern you are going to build before start stamping. Play around with the composition and shape. Locate different shape rubber stamp next each other. I start from the centre- layout several rubber stamps which sit well together.


3. Press firmly the rubber stamp on the ink pad. Then start the fun part, stamping!


4. Repeat until the surface is covered.


In addition, you can accessorise your napkins by adding a napkin ring from the button and string. You can customise the colour of the string (got the patriotic string, it’s perfect isn’t it?!) or the shape of  the button (found cute mini sheep buttons ;)). Adding another detail with the handwritten ‘eat me’ card. Who could resist these cute combos? They will look nice on a table or perfect for a picnic with friends or families.



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