DIY Holiday Gift Basket

The holiday season has started and that means gifting planning! Christmas isn’t that far anymore and you have a full list upcoming dinner invitations, a family lunch, Christmas feast with colleagues or girlfriends, or invitations from neighbours at their houses and you always ask yourself what to bring as a gift. A good bottle of wine always works but it might seem too generic…? Come on, you want to bring up the festive mood in the party! I came up with this holiday gift basket that is easy to create and filled with festive goodies that everyone love. The thoughtful gift that doesn’t cost a fortune because you can make it your own!

Let’s get started!

Hand-picking the items

The content of the basket is entirely up to you. You can get personal by picking their favourite things in the basket. It’s not about the value but the mind and heart go into it. I have this snack time gift idea in my mind while creating this holiday gift basket. Maybe a cosy morning after the busy Christmas day? Here are my suggestions:

Can’t decide if they are tea or coffee person? Give them both! Also add a nice enamel mug. A mini jar of honey and jam can be cute gifts as well. Don’t forget some Christmas cookies to complete your gift basket and who doesn’t love a pack of gingerbread?

If you’re a good baker, feel free to bake your homemade cookies. But if you’re like me, pop in some yummy biscuits from the bakery into cellophane and tie with jute.

Get personal with these simple DIY toppers

Gift Tag

You will need: card stock, twine, hole punch, scissors

Get coffee beans or seasonal tea from a local shop. Fill into the mini jar and make it personal by saying we’ve made it out especially for them with this gift tag. Download and print out this ‘For You’ gift tag and thread onto the twine and tie a simple bow.

DIY Christmas Muslin bag 

If you have a variety of loose leaf, you can place each into a mini muslin bag. With these simple DIY steps, you can turn a plain muslin bag into these festive cuties. Mark each muslin with these printable tags as well!

You will need: mini muslin bag, iron paper, card stock, hole punch, scissors

Download the design here and print it on an iron paper. Place the printable on the fabric (face down). Iron the paper and leave it in minutes. Peel off the paper gradually afterwards.

Printable Sticker

You will need: sticker paper, scissors

To spruce up your gift, add this label for an extra personal attention. They will love it! Click here to download the printable. Available in three different colour options.

Assembling & filling the gift basket

Start assemble all the goodies inside a basket. I place the larger item first at the back and the small ones to fill the gap. Get a couple of juniper and holly branch from the garden to complete your holiday gift basket.

Happy gifting!


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