DIY Nutella Pinata

This DIY Nutella Pinata is so much fun to make and I love how this giant Nutella stole the show! I made this for Lovebirdstories project to celebrate the bridal shower of Gisela who is nuts over Nutella! Head this way to get the DIY Nutella Pinata tutorial.

For this inspired Nutella party, I created this jar of Nutella complete with a giant breadstick for busting it open. The breadstick replica was basically just a roll of corrugated brown cartoon- sealed with masking tape. Now get to the fun messy part over here!


The pinata form was a half fringed because it was hard to get the dark brown crepe so I used flannel cloth instead to create as identical as possible with the real one.

You will need: cardboard, hot glue gun, white crepe paper, brown flannel cloth, scissors, ruler, marker, art cartoon.

How to make:

Trace and create the shape of the nutella jar onto a large piece of cardboard. Make the cutout twice.

Cut the strip of cardboard to make the sides of the pinata and attach it to the cutout with hot glue gun. Alternatively, you can join small piece of cardboards with other pieces to outline the pinata. The connection would not be visible as you can cover it with the flannel cloth afterwards.

Cut out the flannel cloth. Attach the cloth to cover the body of pinata.

Cut the crepe paper and create the fringe.

Glue the fringe onto the cardboard. Work on the layer from the bottom part until the top one.

Print out this template here and feel free to create your own word with the font Avant Garde Gothic Bold. Hot glue the label to the body of pinata. Close and hot glue the second shape of Nutella as a lid.

Fill with treats!

This pinata turned out as a decoration because it was so cute that no one could break it! I used it as props for the photo booth. I paired with a few of giant balloons to create fun, quirky and colourful bridal shower party!


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