DIY Storage Basket

I do like to keep everything tidy and organised. The best way to avoid the clutter is keeping the bric-a-brac in one place like a basket. I love to use basket to store my crafting tools, stationery, battery and electricity bits, and other small items. I always keep an eye for nice woven baskets in any shapes at the flea market, they always come in handy! They are practical and always suit well with any interior theme. Their natural look are perfect for rustic country house, bohemian style, Scandinavian trend….you name it. It works best with tropical foliage, unfinished wood and industrial decor to bring some greeny and enhance your living space.

I do not mind to get my hands dirty so DIY will be the best way to tailor my creative soul and most importantly save money. I found this idea on Pinterest that you can make a basket from a cardboard box and it looks so real you almost won’t notice the difference. The secret trick is just the jute rope! Turn your cardboard box into a basket with these easy DIY steps.

You will need:

used cardboard box (mine is from Amazon- a great way to recycle them!)

jute rope (minimum 6mm width, the bigger is the better!)

muslin/ leftovers fabric cloth

glue gun

scissors & ruler

Firstly, prepare the box and remove any labels on the surface. You can also cut the flaps off or fold them inside, just make sure they are steady. Start applying hot glue and attach the jute straightaway. Wrap around the outer of the box with the rope and make sure the row is placed tightly enough. As I mentioned earlier, if you have the bigger rope, it will be better as it won’t require as many rows. Cover the box with jute rows until 3/4 height of the box.

Next step is creating the fabric liner. For the best result, create a liner by sewing each corner of the box. But, if you’re not a fan of sewing like me, simply just glue them together. Cut the fabric off according to the size of the box, leave about an inch extra for each side. Iron the fabric to smooth the crease. Then, trim the fabric and fold inside and glue it down so you will have neat edge.

Glue the end of the fabric down onto the box, just above the rope lines. Repeat for each side. Glue them together one more time to secure the corner. Cut off the excess fabric.

You have successfully made your own storage basket! I like to have a bit of accents so this last step is optional as you prefer. Cut the fabric to form two identical pieces around 10cm x 2.5cm with 1 cm extra for folding. Attach them like shown below.

I’m so happy with result and I’ll try out next time in different sizes. From now on, I’m no longer buying basket…hmm… fingercrossed! x


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