DIY Vellum Confetti Cones

Beside planning the wedding, I had so much fun doing some DIYs for my wedding as you can tell. I loved the process is just as much as the wedding day itself. If you decide to do a bit of DIY for your wedding even you’re not a crafty person, this DIY trick definitely works our for you. It’s so easy and simple to create your own DIY velum confetti cones. Follow along to find out the how to steps.

I’m sharing one of my design ideas for my wedding. Starting with these vellum confetti cones which was probably one of the wedding details my guest will remember throughout the day. I had an idea of using the leftover from my invitations. I reused the vellum piece which got our names on, it felt even more personal to us.

I saw many different materials for confetti cones- from the regular one like a range of different colours of card stock to kraft paper or something like an old paper book. Then why not using  vellum? This see-trough paper allows the guests to see a glimpse of the inside upon receiving the cones- rose petals, dried leaves, glitters or lavender seeds perhaps? If you’re more a traditional couple which prefer to fill it with coloured paper or grains- it also works great too.

The size of the vellum was A5 which are perfect. I rolled diagonally to form a cone. I also made sure our name was at the front and not covered. Then secure it with scotch tape. Fill it with the choice of confetti you’d wish for.

For my wedding day, the florist prepared the white rose petals to match up with other details of the wedding. You can either distribute them on each chair, hang them (just make a hole and tie the string through the cone) or put inside the basket. I kept them in a basket so everyone can see them together also so I can have this confetti sign next to it. Just print out this template Confetti Sign and add the frame.

Photo credit: Kevin Prasetiadi @teoraphotography, Jeffrey, @lovebirdstories

Florist: @wibflowers


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