DIY Welcome Wedding Signage

One of DIYs I made for our wedding is this welcome wedding signage. I saw a picture of a long banner hanging on the tree at the wedding entrance and I thought it’s quite simple to make for our big day. It turned out to be a quite fun project together we spent during our wedding preparation.

To start this DIY welcome signage, I made the design through computer and printed out on a piece of canvas cloth. I sent the artwork to the printing that specifically works on cloth production. I used the same roman font throughout our wedding and brush lettering applied to invitations & favor gift tags, place cards, seating chart, and wedding programmes. To add a bit of personalised element and keep the design consistency, I applied my handwritten for script lettering.

To install the welcome signage, we needed a thin long bamboo or branch and string to hang the banner up. Victor actually did this installation as it required a bit of work with nails, hammer and screwdriver.

Step 1: Fold the top of fabric 3-4 cm from above ( depending the height of your wooden dowel). With some wood pins, mark the folding along the top of the cloth.

Step 2: Place the cloth above the wooden dowel. Attach nails on left and right edge of the cloth using hammer and screwdriver to secure.

Step 3: Make a shape of triangle with string and tie with a knot on each side.

On the wedding day, I added some nice greenery or floral arrangement as a final touch.


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