EVARDI Bridesmaid Attire Gifts


Honouring the richness of Indonesian culture, I was thrilled to design the beautiful traditional motifs embellished with modern touches on a set of bridesmaid attire gifts. It was a pleasure to work with Eva and Ardi, the lovely couple requested a pattern that would reflect the uniqueness of their origins and could be used throughout the wedding stationery.

These classic bridesmaid attire gifts feature two sets of fabrics with the bridesmaid attire booklet and gift box. To celebrate their roots, the bride and groom marry both Adat Javanese and Palembang as their wedding theme. They decided to have two types of bridesmaid outfits, one is kutu baru for akad nikah and another is modern-style baju bodo with kain songket in various colours for their bridesmaids.

I designed a pattern which was a simplified form from kain songket to tie in the wedding day celebration. I incorporated the pattern as a border on the attire guide card and as a graphic element in the background as well. The booklet shows the model wearing the required outfits both in akad nikah and wedding reception. For the writing, I combined a handwritten script font paired with san serif typeface. The dark brown colour sets the tone of lines and wording.



In addition, EVARDI logo is custom designed for their wedding stationery. A clever idea to blend the couple’s names. The couple also wanted to introduce #EVARDI7117 which combines their names and special wedding date. I highlighted the hashtag so the guests can start utilising this hashtag through social media.

Those sets of fabrics were rolled and packed inside the white box, tied beautifully with white ribbon. It’s such an ultimate gifting, each bridesmaid has their names written on the box. Once they open the box, they will find the matching fabrics with a attire guide booklet. A customised gifting to tailor an important question from the bride, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’?





  1. Thankyou so much Ci Vena! Love the design so much, bridesmaid box and attire guideee! ❤️

    1. You’re very welcome, Eva! Thanks again!!


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