Exploring the beautiful Petersham Nurseries

It’s officially Spring! The sun is finally up, definitely not hiding today and I left my coat at home (for the first time!) For sure, I don’t let today to be a waste, so I pick up my sunglasses and head to Petersham Nurseries. This place is on the top of my travel checklist, I heard it’s such a lovely place for Summer time… I know it might be too early to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine but I believe today is the perfect day!

If you travel from Richmond station, find your way to the Thames river. I recommended to walk along the riverside, passing Gaucho on your left side and spotting the small boats or canoes floating on the river on your right side. Your eyes will be accommodated with the beautiful scenery.

After walking through the Petersham Meadow, you will reach Petersham Nurseries, a beautiful botanical setting with the glasshouses- perfect for garden shopping and inspiration, dining or having an afternoon tea in the teahouse.

It’s a great place when you feel the wistful longing for the refreshing and calm area. Feel the positive vibe surrounded by plants,trees and flowers.

Check out the garden shop!

It’s hard not to take home all of them!

and more plants….

Feel hungry after a day of exploration? Sit, relax and enjoy the homemade cakes served in the teahouse. Today’s menus are Lemon poppyseed cake, banana cake and almond orange cake. Also try their seasonal selection of teas. Next time, I promise to come back and have a romantic dinner in the pretty Petersham Cafe.


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