Flat in Paris

This Spring, we’ve got our first home in Paris, so exciting! We’ve just moved in last month and filling our home with appliances as it was unfurnished flat. It’s going to take lots of work and lots of buying as well. However, the idea of decorating in whatever way I want really strikes me with tons of enthusiasm! I knew you might see some bits of my home through some DIY published posts previously, but now I’d like to share the interior of the room. I begin with my favourite place of the flat, the bedroom.

First step is planning, I drew some sketches how we want the interior to look by combining our current furnitures and other appliances that we need to buy. I decided to implement neutrals scheme for the whole apartment as it was painted beautifully with white walls, ceilings, doors and windows. White and shades of grey with a touch of naturals to make things feel homey. Especially for the bedroom, I like to feel super comfy and total relaxed. A large sliding wardrobe and two large windows (both in white) are the good start. Basic white creates the room looks more subtle and spacious, supported by good luminesce in the room. These windows give plenty of sunlight during the day.

To break up the monotony, I added bits of naturals. Some decorations such as: a wooden framed mirror, acoustic guitar, hanging beach hat and collection of weave baskets to highlight the scheme. We also bought a pair of white bedside tables from IKEA to match up. The last, add some fresh flowers and succulents to liven the room.

I promise you to share some more photos of other rooms soon. x


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