Gift wrapping: colour crush


You all know about my love for making everything pretty and the fact that I do my own gift wrapping for my friends. Normally, I like to mix and match wrapping paper with ribbons, gift toppers, tags, laces, strings, any decorations you can think of. I just realised I have never made my own wrapping papers. Today, I like to share how I create versatile wrapping papers with a burst of colours in different shapes and patterns.

I like to start by picking a colour palette. I am a big fan of bright colour so I choose aqua and yellow colour palette which will perfectly go together. Then I create patterns in various styles.


Geometric Stamps

Geometric gift wrapping is fun for everyone!  I love playing with different sizes of triangle to create fun pattern.

You will need: watercolour tubes, brush, foam, scissors, double tape, ribbons.


Cut out three different sizes of triangle foams. Brush paint onto the foam and start stamping!


The trick is paint one foam and stamp all over the paper then continue to another stamp. Repeat until you fill the surface.



Polkadot Stamps

Who doesn’t love polkadots, it’s cute pattern and always fun to make! Polkadot gift wrapping with polkadot rossettes and little pompom surely will catch your eye!

You will need:

craft paper, watercolour tubes, small dauber, brush, double tape, string/ ribbon.

The topper: polkadot paper, pompon, fabric glue

Steps to make:

Brush the paint onto the small dauber and stamp all over the paper. Let it dry.


Wrap the present and prepare the topper.


Create a yellow rosette (click here to find how to make one) and attach a little pompom as a centrepiece.



Colour splash

Splashing paint onto a piece of paper is an easy and creative way to make an artistic piece of artwork. I create a flair of paint by splashing my brush to create an abstract pattern.

You will need:

Watercolour tubes, brush, craft paper, ribbons, pompoms.


I try to experiment with two methods of splashing; one is splashing the paint to create irregular strokes and drops which achieve by moving the surface. The drops will fall through the flow and scatter on the surface.


To create an eye-candy gifts, add pompoms in various colours.

Another is dropping the paint to create multiple droplets. It will create the combination of different thickness and size of dots.


Let it dry and wrap the present with a nice bow tie.



  1. Definitely in love with these playful color!!! And great tutorial. 🙂

    1. Pop colours are my fave! Thanks for reading- glad you enjoyed the post! x


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