Gift & Wrapping Inspiration

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It seems everyone is busy with christmas presents?

I would like to share some DIY gift and wrapping ideas to finalise your christmas presents. Creating personalised tag printables for your loved ones is my favourite. Love to see their smiles as they open your gifts this holiday!

Quick and Easy Ornaments from fan papers


1. Prepare three square size of fancy papers.

2. Take one piece. Fold the paper every half inch, altering directions each time.

3. Fold the paper in half length-wise and glue the center seam together like a fan.

4. Repeat these three steps for other two pieces.


5. Glue all three fans together to form the ornament.

6. Prepare small gold cupcake as an first inner circle (smaller diameter than ornament).

7. Prepare hand-written ‘Merry Christmas’ as an second inner circle (smaller diameter than gold cupcake).

8. Layer them all and attach with glue/ double tape.

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Make it more personal with name tag 

Create patterns you like from your christmas jumper. Add a little ribbon cut underneath to put his/her name.


Print the tag with the two tone favourite colours on fancy paper. Hole punch on top and tie with christmas ribbon.

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Your pretty christmas gift is ready!


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