Harry Potter x Primark

As a huge fan of Harry Potter- the one who was dying to see the latest movie on theatre, pre-ordered their recent script book as soon as the news spread out or enjoyed every single detail of Harry Potter memorabilia in House of Minalima- yes I’m always keen ticking off my list of anything relates to Harry Potter. Living in London for 5 years was such a huge benefit. So, when I already left London and heard that Warner Bros have launched a collaboration with Primark, I felt disappointed. Lucky me, there are several branches in France and there’s one close to Paris and they have a Harry Potter range as well! Wo-Hoo!!

I paid a visit there- from clothes to household goods to grab without spending fortune. The range is slightly different with Primark UK, I can find clothes such as leggings and slippers; snitch pendant in jewellery and accessories and other homeware stuffs. But they were sold out quickly- so my suggestion…get it now while they’re still available!

Some goods I bought- perfect additional for my desk.


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