Hello Sunshine Printable


It’s almost the end of January, you probably need a little boost to keep you stay on track. Create a motivational quote printable to brighten your day, it’s easy DIY and only take several minutes to make. This ‘Hello Sunshine’ printable will keep you inspired every morning when you start your day.

You will need iron paper, iron & board, cutter, ruler, scissors, double tape/ glue, canvas, canvas fabric.

First, you need to print this ‘Hello Sunshine’ printable on iron paper. Click here to download the printable. You can customised the artwork with your favourite quote. Remember- the artwork needs to be reversed to make it work on iron paper.

Measure the size of the canvas. Cut the iron paper smaller than the size of canvas.


We will cover the canvas with the fabric later on. For now, you need to measure and cut the cloth according the canvas size.

Always iron your cloth to avoid wrinkle before starting the transfer. Place the printable on the fabric (face down). Read the instructions on how to transfer the iron paper. Iron the paper and leave it in minutes. Peel off the paper gradually afterwards.


The printable is looking good! Then attach to the canvas by using double tape or fabric glue each side.


Your ‘Hello Sunshine’ printable is ready to spread the good vibes in your room!




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