Hola Seville!

When I was on vacation last Summer with my families, we decided to visit the southern Spain, Andalucia. Some relatives recommended Seville for its great architecture, heritage and culture. It turned out the city is very impressive and I totally loved it! No wonder why, Seville has lots to offer! The amazing city with these iconic places such as: Plaza de Espana Square, Real Alcazar, Seville Cathedral, the famous live flamenco dance, tapas bars, and the lovely Sevillians would definitely steal your heart away.

The undeniable charm of Plaza de Espana would take your breath away. Indeed its uniqueness which you have never seen anywhere else. Located at Maria Luisa Park, a great half circle area with pavilion buildings and towers embellished with hundred tiles. The rivers with numerous bridges sets at the centre of the landmark.

Stroll under the heat of sunshine and walk by streets and squares in the old town’s city. Head to Santa Cruz complex where the breathtaking Seville Cathedral located. One of the largest Cathedral in the world, this Gothic Cathedral was built in Moorish dynasty. The stunning architecture and magnificent decorative columns and ceilings construct the church’s interior. Beside the landmark is the bell tower, La Giralda where you can adore the fantastic view from the roof.  Drop into the royal residence during the 14th century, Real Alcazar. Feast your eyes with elegant chambers and beautiful courtyard and garden.

Eat churros, grab tapas, drink sangria and take a siesta like the locals. You will see a major impact at the shops and commercial centres while they shut during the nap time. In the evening, watch the superb Flamenco dance at Tablao El Arenal. The place is close to the riverside which you can spot Torre del Oro which means tower of gold. Also feel free to take a historical tour inside the Plaza de Toros where they host the matador performances.


Our stay in AT Sevilla Centro which located in the middle of the town and shopping area is very convenient also perfect for families. The reception was very helpful and keen explaining guidances for best attractions, restaurants, shopping centres. Not far from this place, spot an unmissable modern architectural form which is called Parasol Metropol or Las Setas. Climb to the top and enjoy the spectacular panorama of Seville.


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