Holiday Cards

It’s Holiday Card time! Every year I always make my own card and send over to my families, friends and colleagues. It’s more practical since I have families in my hometown and friends across the countries and I want to make sure to share some Christmas wishes with them. There’s nothing quite like a hand painted and brush lettering Christmas card with a personal message inside, so check out my collection of holiday cards this year!

Last year, I opted for a fun and tongue and cheek collection. See my previous Christmas cards collection here. Love this time of year when I can craft my own Christmas cards for this season.

This year, I created a simple typography card. It’s done with my own lettering and art. I like to create something that the recipient can keep, hang or frame afterwards. For Lovebirdstories, I created this ‘Meet me under the Mistletoe’ version, perfect for the lovebirds!

As the day goes and I am a bit more confident in brush lettering and watercolour illustration, I thought to play around with these elements this holiday season. I’ll be spending my Christmas eve in France this year and I am so excited about this! I remember my first French holiday dinner and it felt like I was dropping into a wonderland- those scrumptious holiday foods and mandatory desserts such as bûche de Noël and not forgetting it’s the perfect time to enjoy lots of oysters because they are everywhere. So I’m sending out that holiday mood from France!

Many of you know I’ve moved from London not long ago. I had fantastic years and I love every single moment growing up there. Which is why I thought to create this illustrated card dedicated for my piece of life in Britain. Christmas in Britain- think about the smells of mulled wine in Christmas market, homemade mince pies and wearing festive jumpers for fun!

If you’re interested in my collections, please get in touch to order one for you. E-card with the same design is also available. Hurry up Christmas won’t be long!


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