How to make Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry_smoothie I

As the sun is out and the weather is getting warmer, I am sharing one of my favourite drinks- Strawberry Smoothie! No skill needed, you basically just blend all the ingredients. The sunny days are the great excuse to start drinking a chilled smoothie, who does agree with me?

Here’s the easy and quick my own way on how to make the Strawberry Smoothie:

Prepare the ingredients:

a pack of strawberries, sugar, skimmed milk, vanilla ice cream

-Cut the fresh strawberries

-Mix strawberry chunks, half cup of sugar (depend how sweet you prefer), little bit of milk and 3 scoops of ice cream with the hand blender until smoothly

-Keep in the fridge for a while

-Serve it cool with extra crushed ice/ ice blocks if you prefer

Enjoy the tropical mood by adding a cute straw and a little drink topper on the top of your glass!


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