Introducing Lovebirdstories

Welcome to the new shiny site ! Several fresh things on the site such as the launch of Lovebirdstories, slideshows and the subscription box on the sidebar so you can keep updated for the new posts. Check it out!

What’s new?

The website name- yes the title across the homepage has changed to the new style! It’s still essentially my personal blog where I write about DIY ideas, homemade recipes, travel, home decoration inspiration and other lifestyles. Instead of some pretty fonts I used, I want to show more of my character- let say my signature. I’m currently practising brush lettering (you’ve seen lots of these on Instagram) and calligraphy (soon!)- so this hand lettering style is the direction I’m currently developing.



Introducing Lovebirdstories

Ok, I officially introduced Lovebirdstories with one page dedicated to this service: a custom design for weddings and intimate events. Lovebirdstories tailors couple’s unique stories, infuses ‘personality’ into beautifully crafted design to create a statement. Definitely not just some pretty papers… or event which is full of mass produced gimmicks… Lovebirstories puts extra attention through detailing. I’m running Lovebirdstories with support of my partner and team of passionate designer and decorator which pour our heart and soul into each project we’re working on. We also love to support small businesses and collaborate¬†with like-minded brands. Get in touch for pricing or any enquiries at



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