Introducing my online portfolio


As much I love my job as a graphic designer and working for clients’ demand in daily/freelance basis, I found the nature of branding sometimes can be challenging– artwork getting tweaked over and over, concept and guidelines getting compromised?

What you love when you are working on your own branding, you found this less frustrating because you have the clear vision what you want to achieve and how you develop your own identity. I started my own branding  from the portfolio book and CV which was essentially used for the job hunting, then I designed my business card, invoice, stationery to support my freelance work. The minimalist and simple design successfully deliver my identity- you will recognise the red accent, Courier New typeface, thin stroke across my portfolio book, stationery even blog!


In this occasion, I like to introduce my online portfolio which is showcasing my vibrant works on one page site. I teamed up with my programmer partner, Victor (how thankful I am having him on my side!) to build the site with the navigation functionality such as: a responsive hero image, a carousel showing recent projects, contact form and connectivity to social media platforms.



The website is also adjusted to work brilliantly on mobile and other devices. You can easily access my portfolio from blog or the direct link here. The last but not the least, I want to thank you to Victor who has done remarkable work to make this site live and big thanks to Sophie who has tested out and edited the final site. x



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